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Chicken – Breast 2-pack (Price per pkg)


Bone-in Pastured Chicken Breast ready for the Grill, Oven, or Sautee Pan! Feel free to filet off the bone for a boneless breast, then save the bones to put in a soup or stock! Each package contains 2-3 Breasts, about 1-1.25 pounds per pkg.
Our Chickens are raised on Pasture and rotated to fresh grass regularly. They eat bugs, grubs, and earthworms. Their main ration is Non-GMO feed from Mosaic Farms in Corvallis, Oregon. They are processed at an Oregon Department of Agriculture Inspected Facility.
**NOTE: Due to State Regulations, possession of Chicken for sale must be in the State of Oregon. Farm pickup is required for residents outside of Oregon.

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